About Us

    Little Panda Childcare Centre is an Infant/toddler group daycare and accept 10 to 36 months old children. We offer full-time and part-time child care service. 

    Our infant/toddler program is a play based program. We provide group sizes of no more than ten children with a staff to child ratio of 3-1 for infant and 4-1 for toddler. The program schedule allows for maximum flexibility with each child’s day reflecting their individual needs. Children are given meals and naps as they are needed. The environment is set up to allow for safe exploration by a young child. Routines such as snack, lunch, naptime, toileting, dressing and undressing are things that the child and caregiver are actively involved in together. Infants are held while drinking from a bottle, nursing mothers are accommodated throughout the day. We encourage toddlers drinking through cups instead of the bottle.


    Nutrition is an important part of an infant/toddler’s development. We provide two nutritious snacks and will not give any child a food that has not yet been introduced at home. Families provide the lunch and bottles for the day.


    Children in the infant, toddler age group are just developing their immune systems and are vulnerable to the spread of illness, especially as it is their nature to put toys in their mouths and spread illness through their play. Out of concern for all children in our care and given the unique situation presented by group care we adhere to ensure the environment is healthy for all children. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide care for children that are not able to participate in a full range of activities including outside play due to sickness.


    The whole infant/toddler environment is designed to stimulate children’s interests, encourage their passion for learning and develop their motor, social, cognitive and practical life skills.


   We have created a parents’ participation play date program once every six months. This is an opportunity for parents to observe their children’s performance and development in our childcare centre.


    Little Panda Childcare Centre’s goal is to provide a healthy, safe and stimulating environment that allows each child to foster a passion for learning and to be independent and confident.


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